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Data Sheets and Books

ACTS publishes short data sheets (from 1 to 10 pages) on over 60 different technical subjects related to health and safety in art and theater. The following are some of our most requested data sheets. We will mail single copies of data sheets free to those providing a postal address. People requesting more than one data sheet are asked to send $ .25 per page to help ACTS pay for copy and mailing costs.

  • All About Wax (5 pages)
  • Art Painting (5 pages)
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors (5 pages)**
  • Ceramic Ware Hazards (7 pages)
  • D-Limonene: the Citrus Solvent (7 pages)
  • Dyes and Pigments (5 pages)
  • Labels: Reading Between the Lies (6 pages)
  • OSHA Regulations and the Scenic Arts (6 pages)
  • Oven-Cured Polymer Clays (9 pages)
  • Respiratory Protection: New Rules (7 pages)**
  • Selecting Children's Art Materials (6 pages)
  • Teaching Art & Theater Safely (8 pages)
  • Threshold Limit Values (2 pages)**
  • Understanding the MSDS (4 pages)
  • Urethane Resin Systems (6 pages)**
  • Ventilation for Art Buildings (6 pages)

** Provided Courtesy of United Scenic Artists, Local 829 (IATSE)

Provide a postal (snail mail) address by email to or mail ACTS a self-addressed-stamped envelop and we will send the full publications list and a complementary copy of our newsletter.


  • The Artist's Complete Health & Safety Guide, 3rd Edition
  • The Health & Safety Guide for Film, TV & Theater
  • OvereXposure: Health Hazards in Photography

Are available from:

Allworth Press
10 East 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010
Telephone 212/777-8395
Credit card ordering number is 800/491-2808

Contact ACTS directly for information about the other books.